Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Your Health and Rail-tie Processing in Williams Lake. Update 1

Although many people may have already seen the press release from the City of Williams Lake yesterday (March 22nd), I thought I would note it here to keep the information on this blog up-to-date.

In short, the City has determined that the rail-ties are in "non-compliance" with the BC Fire Code. Hopefully this matter will not be in dispute between CN Rail and the City, allowing for rapid removal of this material from downtown Williams Lake.

Given that CN Rail is a company that specializes in moving large quantities of material, I'm sure they can demonstrate this expertise by getting the chipped and unchipped ties out of this site quickly. I hope that this material will be transported to a location specializing in the storage of toxic waste.

Tomorrow (March 24) I will post some information about provincial pollution legislation (what was intended to be Part 4 of the blog series), as it relates directly to issues at the Station House Gallery. It may explain why the removal of this material required referencing the Fire Code as opposed to provincial pollution legislation that one might suppose is intended to protect our health. I'll also try to note one way that residents can use that legislation when industrial activities affect air quality.


Unknown said...

Do you know specifically what section of the fire cofe and what that section says that pertain to this?

Dr. Rob Higgins said...

I'll ask city hall