Thursday, March 18, 2010

Capital Power (EPCOR) Decides to Stop Burning Rail-ties!

I've just learned that Capital Power (formerly EPCOR) has decided to stop burning rail-ties at its bioenergy facility in Williams Lake.

I want to thank Capital Power for making that decision. It was the right decision for Williams Lake and Capital Power.

Given this, my blogs on this issue will end for awhile as the facts on the ground begin to rearrange. I will repost once direction is set for dealing with the chips stored at the Station House Gallery.

The work of many people over the past several months has raised awareness of the rail-tie issue behind the scenes. These concerns have been heard. This is a victory for those who raised this issue in community sustainability committees, and those who wrote and spoke to city councilors, the Mayor, our MLA, and Ministry of Environment officials.

Thumbs Up to the Community!

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Photo credit: R. Higgins


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's fantastic news Rob! Congratulations and thank-you for bringing this issue to greater awareness!


Anonymous said...

My name is Diane Toop and I am the full-time manager of the Station House Gallery who has been breathing the air down here, 5 days a week since the inception of the 'chipping'.

Thank you - thank you - thank you.


Dr. Rob Higgins said...

I think the decision has probably been in the works for awhile. Many people here, especially the Conservation Society, have been raising this issue, and I suspect the recent controversy in Kamloops made it clear the situation couldn't continue.

I'm hoping that there will soon be a clear announcement by CN Rail regarding a timeframe for cleaning the site.


road's end said...

My name is Terri Smith and right now I work at the Station House Gallery on Fridays. It was only two months ago that I learned about just what was going on behind the gallery and since then I have been wondering and talking with people about what could possibly be done. I am also an organic farmer and live in the 150 Mile area and while we are trying to do our small part towards a healthier community and planet there are just so many examples of environmental horrors that we were feeling completely overwhelmed. I am so thrilled to see the chipping of the ties has been stopped! It gives me hope that concerned people really can effect change. Thank you!